Heijoen Makauhari, Yakiniku Restaurant

Design ©MASTERD co.,Ltd,  Futoshi Masuda

Photo © Nacasa & Partners Inc.

Yakiniku is a traditional Japanese cooking method of grilling meat and vegetables, creating a delicious variety of dishes.

You can order the ingredients and cook them directly at the table.

For the construction of this restaurant, wooden strips were used that form an interesting three-dimensional geometry on the ceiling and dividing panels, very common in Japanese architecture, made with i-Mesh textile, which allows diners to create an intimate atmosphere but at the same time transparent and connected to the common space.

Tradition and innovation in a perfect mix of elements.

Pattern “Wien Straw” in Volcano fiber
Heijoen Makauhari, Yakiniku Restaurant
Heijoen Makauhari, Yakiniku Restaurant

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