La Cabina, Inclusive Separator

Design and rendering © Viewport Studio

An inclusive separator, suited for indoor and outdoor, developed for restaurants, bars and public parks conceived to let guests feel confident about dining out. | La Cabina | is the brainchild of a collaboration between Trussardi, i-Mesh, Viewport Studio and Equilibri.

The Trussardi Alla Scala Restaurant, in all its Milanese-ness represents the perfect scenario to showcase the resilience and talent of our country, via groundbreaking technical innovations and an eye for sleek design that seamlessly embodies the native spirit of the lifestyle fashion brand. The customized | La Cabina | will interpret the trademark discrete luxury of Trussardi, naturally and effortlessly elegant, instinctively Italian and international by vocation.

Designed by Viewport Studio - a London based award winning design team - and made of the cutting-edge, sustainable textile i-Mesh, | La Cabina | is a one-of-a-kind solution that intertwines functionality and aesthetics, putting the individual first. 

The versatility of the everlasting, high-performance fibers of i-Mesh and the light steel structure produced by Equilibri (a production company based in Verona, Italy) allows for easy set up, dismantle  and transport. | La Cabina | is long-lasting, rather than disposable, fully customizable and convenient for both outdoors and indoors, while maintaining its renewable, recyclable and genuinely circular material.

Custom-made pattern designed for Trussardi
La Cabina, Inclusive Separator
La Cabina, Inclusive Separator

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