Modulo Vita Pergola

Design ©  luca calselli, dario biello

Curator © ri-gymnasium /expositore

Photo ©   #fotoarchitetto / dario biello

The "Modulo Vita Pergola" project, located in the village of Piglio, one hour from Rome on the Cesanese Wine Road, is designed to be a new connoting and functional sign for the historic center, paving the way for the application of the "Borgo Future” on the territory. Thanks to its characteristic structure, based on the "Modulo Vita" system, this utility model has obtained prestigious awards on a national scale and has been presented at the Triennale Milano, the “Biennale dello Spazio Pubblico” in Rome and the ADI Design Index.

Its modular urban mesh, enriched by the innovative use of i-Mesh, creates a unique and welcoming atmosphere, offering a formal reading that respects the context without renouncing the contemporary. The sophisticated and functional design of this module highlights the Administration's commitment to connote the identity of the place by providing a high-quality experience for visitors and citizens.

The installation of the "Modulo Vita Pergola" is only a part of the overall project which also includes the "Panca Officina", an iconic circular element that the Manifesto equips with "Arredo Urbano Identitario", which are part of the "Piglio Officina Collection". This integration of design and function demonstrates how the project was developed holistically, taking into consideration the aesthetics, practicality and well-being of the community.

Thanks to the collaboration of many professionals, the "Modulo Vita Pergola" has become a tangible reality.

The project, curated by Ri-Gymnasium/Expositore for the Municipal Administration, took part in the "Un Paese Ci Vuole" tender called by the Lazio Region, and was created by Luca Calselli and Dario Biello, with the technical collaboration of Lucia Lolli and Sophia Presta.

Councilor Mariagrazia Borgia, promoter of this project, has demonstrated a farsighted vision in supporting the initiative, which represents a true symbol of progress and innovation for Piglio.

The heart of this public space architectural and design work is also the i-Mesh fabric. This material, known for its lightness and transparency, offers sun protection while simultaneously allowing light and air to flow freely. The "Modulo Vita Pergola" is also a place where you can find moments of relaxation, enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the village and the hills, and why not, charge your mobile phone and device offering a series of useful equipment for smart workers and to digital nomads.

The “Modulo Vita Pergola” in Piglio is an outstanding example of how craftsmanship, design, functionality and innovation can merge to create a work of great visual impact and cultural significance. The use of i-Mesh fabric gives this structure a timeless elegance, which fits perfectly with the historic atmosphere of the village. With this project, thanks to the introduction of functional and characterizing elements, the concept of the square as a static and flat place has been overcome, affirming a vision of space as a connection between art, tradition, nature and community.

Modulo Vita Pergola
Modulo Vita Pergola

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