Sensasia Spa Kempinski Hotel

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The whole interior concept has its roots in Sensasia’s Pan-Asian origins, evoking traditional architectural elements from this region and giving them a stylish, contemporary twist. It’s a space designed for all senses.

Pallavi Dean, Roar design studio's chief designer, explains: “As well as giving the space the right amount and type of illumination, we also experimented with lighting to create dramatic effect: for example, adding the strip LED lights to the arches is a signature moment. We also celebrated the ceilings; they are often neglected but in a spa, clients spend a lot of time on their backs! So we clad the ceiling with a captivating bronze mesh structure. Each room has a unique pattern creating a new experience for every visit to the spa."

Roar was appointed to create the interior of Sensasia Stories, a flagship destination spa committed to total body wellness and located at Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. Combining Pan Asian architecture, natural materials, a mutedcolour and textured tone-on-tone palette, the result is a 4,000 sq/ft, deeply tranquil space, specially curated to take clients on a unique journey through the senses of Asia.  

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Sensasia Spa Kempinski Hotel
Sensasia Spa Kempinski Hotel

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