The Hub, Don Gino Rigoldi

Design © Calzoni Architetti

Photo © Michele Nastasi

The inner green space – lined with vegetable patches, play areas and picnic spots – is shaded by several triangular panels made by i-Mesh.

The functional program for the new centre for Comunità Nuova – Don Gino Rigoldi, together with the need to allow different activities within the structure, has led to reflection upon the ways of settling the new volumes into the area. The most appropriate planning choice appeared that of allocating each activity to a separate section, able to respond as adequately as possible to the specific requirements.

A covered passageway links directly the various buildings and constitutes a continuous ring that serves the twofold purpose of enclosing an indoor space, which must also be a protected place, and connect to the surrounding environment in a visual and osmotic relationship – which must exist in a community truly open to the territory and in constant dialogue with the society within which it lives.

A place of meeting and dialogue, true expression of the humanitarian and social message of Comunità Nuova.

© Calzoni Architetti

The Hub, Don Gino Rigoldi
The Hub, Don Gino Rigoldi

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