a super material for soft architecture

With the innovative parametric i-Mesh technology we make sustainable and fully customizable fiber-made, soft-composite panels of any size and shape.

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Expo 2020 Dubai

The “promenade” at Expo 2020 Dubai has been crafted by i-Mesh. The endeavor entailed the realization of 2.7 kilometers of retractable solar canopy, spanning a total area of 52.426 square meters.

Expo Dubai 2020 / Werner Sobek

A masterful example of soft architecture. Commissioned to create public comfort along the waterfront of Expo City in Dubai, the longest retractable canopy ever built in history was designed by Werner Sobek with the aim of leveraging the customization potential of i-Mesh and its unique structural features.

Strong, light, durable: i-Mesh represents the fabric of the future, for both indoor and outdoor installations.

The installation of i-Mesh can be a very simple procedure thus permitting savings in terms of manpower and equipment. No skilled workers are required, and everybody can easily install it.

Folding sun shading
Fixed sun shading
Double skin facade
Room dividers
Art installation

i-Mesh Runners Collection

Our i-Mesh Runners Collection features a selection of the top ten best-selling patterns of i-Mesh. This new Collection provides a comprehensive overview of all the fibers used in our production. The most significant addition to the new i-Mesh Runners Collection is the introduction of the mélange proposal, which combines multiple fibers to create new shades of color, all waiting to be discovered.

i-Mesh. Designing the city.

“Softness. i-Mesh. Designing the city.”, a documentary film by Cristiana Colli and directed by Francesca Molteni, voices architects, artists, and philosophers. It serves as a manifesto for contemporary design, architecture, and creative gestures, blending nature and project, form, meaning, and function.

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