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An air of innovation and sustainability envelops the renowned headquarters of H&M, thanks to the recent reinterpretation of its main façade. We are faced with a significant feat of textile engineering achieved by implementing i-Mesh fabric.

With an imposing dimension of eleven meters in height and a spectacular surface area of approximately one thousand square meters, the new façade undoubtedly commands attention. The pattern of the fabric used, named "Morellet," is unequivocally one of i-Mesh's most utilized products: paying homage to the French artist, it has an elegant weave, captivating the eyes of passers-by.

However, it is not merely about aesthetics. Behind this revolutionary façade lies an impressive amalgamation of art, technology, and sustainability. i-Mesh fabric, renowned for its zero-waste philosophy, actively endeavors to reduce environmental impact. It provides intelligent solar protection capable of filtering light, making it less aggressive during peak periods while still serving to illuminate the H&M space, given its porous nature.

While the structure's visibility during daylight hours is ensured by its sheer magnitude, it does not diminish at nightfall. As the sun sets, the i-Mesh membrane illuminates through a dedicated network of LED lights. The façade transforms into a dynamic membrane, allowing vibrant colors and light effects to merge, showcasing, and enhancingthe H&M experience, which becomes the main focal point of Orchard Road.

The originality of the façade not only resides in its aesthetics and ecological benefits. Its greatest peculiarity lies in the way it was attached to the wall that supports it: The mesh is only affixed at the upper and lower margins, and its stability is further ensured by tieback devices anchoring the fabric to the building at crucial points. This combination of technical elements securing the fabric to the structure imparts visual lightness to the façade and molds the building's concreteness into Soft Architecture.

"We explored a wide variety of materials but found i-Mesh to be the most suitable given its performative and aesthetic qualities", stated Khoo Teik Rong, Associate Director at RSP, to the Singapore Business Review.

"i-Mesh not only aligns with our sustainability goals and those of H&M," continued the Director, "but it is also entirely customizable. i-Mesh is lightweight and possesses tensile strength properties, allowing us to design a façade with minimal structural elements."

Thus, the H&M façade on Orchard Road becomes a tangible symbol of how fashion, architecture, and sustainability can harmoniously converge, inviting visitors, customers, and passers-by to contemplate new forms of beauty, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

i-Mesh Morellet F 100
H&M Singapore
H&M Singapore

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