Tea room

Design © Shiro Nakada

“In Japan , every meeting should be treasured because it can never be fully recaptured. Master ”Sen no Rikyu” identified principles that must be incorporated into the tea ceremony harmony: respect , purity , and tranquility.” Shiro Nakada

Tea room for people all over the world

“Black and white frame that influenced by Italian design.

Screen like bamboo that influenced by Japanese design 『ippuku』 a box that creates a peaceful time.

『 i-Mesh 』

This material is just like nature

Through the light, through the wind, sounds of nature, sway like a leaf, it is like bamboo that has been loved for a long time in Japan.

New materials and nature

「Black and White 」… two tea rooms

「life and death」,「presence and absence」,「 a-hum」sanskrit … means different things.

It all starts with a point that becomes a line and becomes a plane.

The basics of this modeling are represented by two cubes.

The size that has been popular in Japan since ancient times.

Wind, light, shadows, sound and various nature.

When you feel them, it is a peaceful time. “

Shiro Nakada

Tea room
Tea room

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