Joël Robuchon International Le GRILL restaurant | Marriott International hotel

Client © Joël Robuchon International Le GRILL |Marriott International hotel

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Interior design project and photos © Inspiration Design BY

The Marriott International hotel in Rabat recently collaborated with Inspiration Design BY for the outfitting of its prestigious restaurant Joël Robuchon International Le GRILL.

The Marriott International hotel in Rabat has chosen to use i-Mesh for the set-up project of its restaurant. The reputation of these firms in the architecture and design industry made this partnership a natural fit. i-Mesh is known for its expertise in using innovative materials, while the Marriott International hotel and Joël Robuchon International restaurant are renowned for their excellence in luxury hospitality. Together, they have created a very mesmerizing visual and culinary experience.

The partnership led to the creation of a unique scenography.

As for i-Mesh, the WK pattern was chosen on a 100% volcano fiber scale, a highly resistant and long-lasting fiber.

Volcano mineral fiber is produced from molten volcanic lava. This fiber is known for its outstanding mechanical and thermal properties, making it a high performing option in several applications.

Some characteristics of volcano mineral fiber that contribute to its strength and durability.

Temperature resistance: volcano mineral fiber can withstand extremely high temperatures.

Mechanical resistance: volcano mineral fiber has a remarkable mechanical resistance, which allows it to withstand physical stresses without suffering significant damage.

Corrosion resistance: volcano mineral fiber is chemically inert and resistant to corrosion.

Thermal and acoustic insulation: the volcanic mineral fiber also has excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. It can reduce the transmission of heat and sound, providing effective thermal protection and helping to reduce ambient noise.

As far as the choice of pattern is concerned, the WK motif is particularly suitable for wavy curtains thanks to its very shape.

The result is an exclusive and sophisticated look. The ultra-resistant corrugated panels, characteristic of the WK pattern, give a chic look to the environment, creating a unique and captivating atmosphere, while maintaining privacy for its customers.

Joël Robuchon International Le GRILL restaurant | Marriott International hotel
Joël Robuchon International Le GRILL restaurant | Marriott International hotel

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