Pâtisserie Parola Solamachi

The new pastry shop " Pâtisserie Parola Skytree Town Solamachi " is all the rage in Japan thanks to its unique combination of Japanese and French culture. The French chef and pastry chef at the helm of the pastry shop, Alexis Parola, has decided to open a shop in Japan to bring the best of French pastry to the Land of the Rising Sun.

The pastry shop is known for its attention to the quality of the ingredients used, carefully selected from both France and Japan to ensure maximum flavor and maximum freshness of the desserts. The end result is a perfect marriage between two very different culinary cultures, but which complement each other in a surprising way.

The patisserie environment is just as fascinating. The elegant and luminous style of the pastry shop is also made possible thanks to the use of i-Mesh fabric as a luminous lantern inside the space. This innovative textil is used both as a suspended luminous product and on railings, creating a unique and exclusive atmosphere.

The "Patisserie Parola Solamachi" pastry shop is a real culinary treasure, which combines flavors and cultures in a surprising and innovative way. If you are a fan of French and Japanese pastries, this is definitely a must-stop during your visit to Japan.

Pattern “Random” in Volcano fiber
Pâtisserie Parola Solamachi
Pâtisserie Parola Solamachi

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