Alik in Wonderland

Design © Margherita Palli, Francesca Molteni

An interactive art installation and lighting innovation is declined by two young talented architects - Alice Gramigna and Gianluca Cesana - in multi-functional diaphragms, a scenography exercise where lights and shadows play together.

The temporary installation created outdoors by Francesca Molteni and Margherita Palli is the Alice’s journey in the world of Alik. The exhibition, in the grounds of Alik Cavaliere artistic center in Milan, is a labyrinth of evocative scenes of the namesake Lewis Carroll tale. Ticking clocks, mirrored figures and Cavaliere's iconic twisted sculptures create paths and obstacles, while all around the vertical surfaces of decorative mesh acts as projection screens of images from an imagined garden.

Alik in Wonderland
Alik in Wonderland

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