BAP! 2022 | Biennale d’architecture et de paysage

ENSA Versailles exhibition curated by Nicolas Dorval-Bory and Guillaume Ramillien

Photo © Salem Mostefaoui

Courtesy of EN BAUKUNST

The proposed installation for BAP! 2022 orchestrates links between several disciplines, traversing art and science. The project combines textile design, sound programming and solar capture to reveal the solar energy and light intensity present along the wall of the Cour des Fontaines through sound.

The project has been created by EN BAUKUNST, a Brussels-based architecture office founded by Adrien Verschuere.

Combining art and technology, dialoguing and interplaying various forms of knowledge, BAUKUNST is committed to exploring architecture as a medium with which both to think about building (BAU) and build ways of thinking (KUNST).

In this context the installation is also designed to address one of the main architectural components of the Cour des Fontaines, engaging a dialogue with the historical and patrimonial dimension of the site. The surface of the wall is covered with a device capable of capturing the incident solar energy.

The upper element, a strip of CIGS photovoltaic film manufactured by the company Solar Cloth allows solar capture by offering a flexible, light, and adaptable photovoltaic module. This element constitutes the support for i-Mesh textile, produced for the Biennale in close collaboration with the textile designers Chevalier Masson.

i-Mesh is a veil that reveals the trace of the incident sun on the wall through its weaving pattern and its materiality composed of a mesh of natural volcanic rock fibers. Echoing the ornaments crowning many buildings in Versailles, four artefacts, located at the top of the wall, transmit the captured energy through a sound programmed by Julien Dutertre that fluctuates according to the intensity of the light and the energy produced by the textile.

Like an allegory, the installation performatively reinterprets the symbolic codes and the energetic disposition of its environment to make the invisible visible through energy.


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