Exploring connections between art & science

i-Mesh Lab is the heart of innovation. It's the physical and theoretical place where analyze, study, test, control and verify the endless project of the yarn and the texture. The technical experimentation become algorithm, pattern, prototype, product.

We work side by side with the research departments of several Universities to test, analyze and push the i-Mesh's performance boundaries beyond by moving technologies and improve cross-cultural knowledge from different areas.

We invite artists and designers to set them free to enjoy playing with i-Mesh geometries and fibers, profiting from their creativity and critical thinking to reflect on unseen uses of our patented technology.

A new material invented for an ancient function, as old as the settlement of human beings in the moderate, tropical and subtropical areas of the world. From Indian Jaali to the middle-eastern Mashrabiya, identity patterns for sun protection have been created for centuries everywhere.

Soft sun cover
Sun shading system
Retractable Canopy
Room divider


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