From the Middle East to the West by developing new sustainable solutions

With this intervention, the Marche Region aims to strengthen businesses' capacity to operate in new international markets by supporting investment projects for strategic digital innovation in commercial functions. These projects are directed towards identifying new business opportunities in already served foreign markets and exploring new markets and suppliers.

This call is activated within the framework of the ERDF ROP 2014-2020 of the Marche Region and Article 6 of Regional Law No. 4 of 17.03.2022 "Promotion of investments, innovation, and digital transformation of the entrepreneurial system in Marche".

In particular, the Marche Region supports investment projects aimed at market diversification to differentiate export shares, identify new distribution channels to reduce costs, and strengthen businesses' capacity, especially in digital terms.


Starting from the concept of multichannel sales, the company's goal has been to develop a marketing strategy, integrated communication, and promotion across various company social channels by implementing specific synergistic actions between engineering production processes, facilitating data interchange between internal and external personnel, and conducting research and utilizing advanced materials.


- the revitalization of the traditional textile manufacturing sector with an innovative product, a unique multi-axial grid (i-Mesh), intended for markets such as furnishings, design, construction, and architectural design. It finds its perfect placement in application sectors such as Culture, Office, Retail, Hospitality, Urban, and Big Areas, promoting the product through advanced value-added activities aligned with Industry 4.0 principles and creating new market niches.

- modernization through the adoption and dissemination of new technologies. The company has invested in a significantly improved production process, incorporating mechatronic technologies associated with Industry 4.0. This necessitates the adoption of machinery and equipment not currently available in the traditional textile market, thus requiring internal development with external specialists locally, domestically, and internationally, at both industrial and engineering research levels with various entities. This fosters a widespread network on an international scale, consequently generating technological diversification from existing specializations in related fields.

- the development of new economic activities through radical technological changes and a series of significant innovations towards Industry 4.0 parameters, relating to organizational and commercial processes. This aims to achieve a more advanced production and company management model, directed towards integrating physical and digital systems and conducting complex analyses to improve not only the product but also working conditions. It aims to increase plant productivity and work quality, leading to the attainment of ISO 9001 Certification. This allows for increasingly user-oriented and open innovation.

Financial support received: 43.320,31 euros.


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