Engineering, industrialization of research results

With this intervention, the Marche Region intends to support the engineering of products and the industrialization of research and experimental development results, in order to substantially innovate products and/or processes and to determine medium and long-term competitive advantages.

In fact, to strengthen its competitiveness, it is considered essential that the business system incorporates the knowledge and results of research and development activity in an increasingly significant way into its industrial applications. Furthermore, it is considered essential to support companies in the transition from the engineering/industrialization phase to the marketing phase of the product on the market, supporting the entire value chain that combines research with the market and thus reducing the potential gap between knowledge production and subsequent marketing, with particular reference to the verification of the performance (tests/trials/pilot lines) of the product/process, the optimization of production costs and transport costs, the improvement of organizational aspects and logistics, the reduction of time to market , the identification of additional services to be offered to the final consumer and the promotion of the new product on the reference markets, both national and international.

Financial support received: 316,000 euros


Choice of materials: engineering of the i-Mesh multi-axial grid for the facade panels and related hooking system

Executive design of the pilot production line Start of full production Prototype construction, test execution Marketing operations to support the previously mentioned activities


Acquisition of pilot production line: the new pilot line designed for the production of i-Mesh facade has been installed and is being tested

Choice of test materials: test materials were purchased for the technical tests sent to the POLIMI laboratory of the University of Milan and for the creation of new patterns that will characterize the new i-Mesh facade collections External specialist consultancy: technical consultancy for the study of feasibility and implementation of the new CAD-CAM protocol for the new pilot line, IT consultancy for the study of the architecture of the new IT network to be implemented for the new factory, consultancy for the coordination of activities for the creation and installation of the new line pilot, technical consultancy for the study of the technical-physical characteristics of the new anchoring system of the i-Mesh facade panels, consultancy for the study of the possible combinations and interactions between the type of design, type of fiber, type of resin to be used for the Mesh facade, consultancy for the study and market research for the choice of technologies to adopt for the realization of the pilot line for the production, consultancy for industrial and intellectual property related to the filing of the European Patent: defense of applications for extension of US patents, EU, CHINA, RUSSIA

Trials and laboratory tests for product/process certifications Marketing and Communication: consultancy for the creation of a new integrated project for contract management, control of market penetration, connection between internal designers and architectural firms, consultancy for the study and creation of the new brand image.

The project has undergone some cost variations in the various expenditure items that have become necessary in the course of carrying out the activities, in order to allow the full achievement of the set objectives.


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