i-Mesh Soft Architecture: towards the internationalization

The POR FESR is the operational program of the Marche region that uses the funding made available by the European Union, through the European Regional Development Fund.‍ The project, which envisaged financial support of 98,500 euros from the European Union, had as its aim the development of internationalization and innovation processes through complementary, integrated and coherent interventions with the new business models.

The innovation interventions of the product and its production line, aimed at responding to an increasingly demanding and personalized demand coming from foreign markets, were mainly aimed at creating new product collections by enhancing design, eco-design, aesthetic conception, design, prototyping and customized production.


The Innovation project was based on 5 objectives:

1. Use of innovative materials of natural origin for the creation of new collections

2. Study and obtaining of product certifications for the purposes of verifying the environmental quality, well-being and comfort of the environments

3. Customized design that can meet market needs

4. Reuse, recycling and recovery of materials

5. Product traceability system

The Internationalization project was based on 3 objectives:

1. Value-added services for new target markets

2. Implementation of initiatives abroad

3. Identification of marketing management tools


Summary of the activities carried out related to Internationalization and Innovation

1. i-Mesh trademark registration in UAE, South Korea, Japan and many other countries markets

2. Promotion of brand communication activities through artistic/installation collaborations to favor the development of target markets

3. Identification of the tools for the realization of events and temporary artistic or commercial installations, temporary showrooms, talks and seminars and workshops

4. New commercial agreements to cover the markets of interest with selected agents and resellers

5. Increased brand awareness with Direct Marketing and Digital Marketing activities;

6. Expansion of the commercial structure with technicians/salesmen able to increase confidence with the customer through technical-commercial consultancy formulas

7. Facilitation, through the use of software and multimedia platforms, of the exchange of design data between the customer and the company

8. Optimization of the institutional site in order to make it more and more performing and to guarantee responses in real time

9. Promotion, through the use of ethical claims on multimedia platforms, corporate website, brochures and information, of the company's commitment to respect the parameters of environmental sustainability

10. Further improvement of the aspects related to product customization such as color, density, design, type of fiber, through the offer and parametric algorithms with which the customer decides in real time the configuration that best corresponds to his wishes among the countless possibilities offered.


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