Carlo Civera showroom

Photo courtesy © Carlo Civera

Leader in Italy/Europe and point of reference for the furnishing of "zero maintenance" green areas Carlo Civera's mission is to design and create personalized green spaces with an elegant design.

This is possible thanks to the production of semi-natural artificial plants and artificial vertical gardens, synonymous with high Italian craftsmanship and the result of decades of investment in research and development and the teamwork of designers, technicians and planners.

In the Brescia showroom, the chosen i-Mesh panels have a "Random" pattern, which recalls the intertwining of tree branches and the light that passes through them, changing their appearance during the day.

A geometrization of a natural phenomenon, which is placed as a bridge between nature and artifice.

An element, in the fluid space, which separates but does not divide, guides but does not impose, shields but does not prevent the gaze from going further.

Pattern “Random” in Volcano fiber, scale 100%
Carlo Civera showroom
Carlo Civera showroom

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