Private houses

Design © Ruggieri Marco - Dueterzi

Constructor © Cossignani Matteo srl

Photo © Giulia Piermartiri

We present two recently renovated apartments located in the city of Civitanova. One of the distinctive features of these apartments is the use of i-Mesh textile on the windows and patio doors. These fabrics have been chosen not only for their aesthetic appearance, but also for their permeability and technical characteristics.

During the day, i-Mesh shades the interior of the apartments, protecting the rooms from direct sunlight and keeping them cool and comfortable. At the same time, however, it allows for a view of the outside, creating a bright and calm atmosphere.

At night, i-Mesh  becomes even more interesting. In fact, it lets domestic light pass outwards, creating a very suggestive effect, reminiscent of a bright lantern.

Through a careful study of the fiber to be used, the choice of the pattern and above all the scale of the design, it is possible to find the solution that best suits your needs, between privacy and openness to the outside.

It is an elegant and functional solution for those looking for a contemporary home well integrated into the context.

The result is unique and refined.

Pattern “Random” in Basalt fiber
Private houses
Private houses

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