The Key Club in Coconut Grove

Interior and lighting design © ICRAVE

Constructor © Amicon, Miami

The Key Club, spearheaded by David Grutman opened in Coconut Grove on March 2022 and its become a luxury American dining experience. It’s an incredibly intimate atmosphere built around a sense of community.

Inspired by Brazil’s architecture in the 1950s and Coconut Grove in the 1960s, the restaurant has instantly become a neighborhood favorite. Designed by ICRAVE, the space “embraces craft, handmade materials, sculptural features, and a mix of mid-century furnishings curating a modern dining vibe.”

The space spans 6,700 square feet with indoor and outdoor seating and is characterized by the presence of colorful, bright and permeable lamps.

These pendant lights have been designed and made with i-Mesh.

The different heights are reminiscent of the tentacles of a jellyfish, hence the name Jellyfish given to the lamp project.

Each "tentacle" has a hexagonal plan and are made with fiberglass and colored fibers.

Pattern “Vivienne” Multi Color
The Key Club in Coconut Grove
The Key Club in Coconut Grove

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