Pitti Uomo 2023 | I GO OUT section

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The Sala Ronda at Pitti Uomo in Florence has been transformed into a unique scenography thanks to the use of i-Mesh fabric. During the 104th summer edition of Pitti Uomo, which took place from 13 to 16 June at the Fortezza da Basso, the main theme was Pitti Games. "Play", in fact, the watchword.

In the I GO OUT section, which is one of the most popular of the Pitti Uomo itinerary and presents a selection of international brands for outdoor clothing and accessories, an installation was created with a new set-up curated by Sebastiano Tosi, a Swiss designer known for his ability to range from interior design to advertising.

The protagonist of the new layout is precisely i-Mesh, a technical, innovative, sustainable and fully customizable fabric created for architecture, design and art. The result of an advanced technology - patented and award-winning - conceived after years of research in many sectors, i-Mesh is a non-woven fabric that has characteristics of uniqueness from the point of view of beauty, resistance and versatility, all with zero production waste.

The I GO OUT installation created a unique environment in which concepts from apparently distant worlds confronted each other. On the ceiling, made with an i-Mesh fiberglass and basalt texile, three-dimensional structures have been created that play with the perception of space depending on the perspective. On the ground, benches made with wood, jute and cordura have been placed, framed by natural elements, to emphasize the balance between man and nature.

The decision to use i-Mesh for the Sala Ronda at Pitti Uomo was not only an aesthetic choice, but also a conceptual one because it invited industry operators to consider a possible change in the textile and clothing industry. The characteristics of i-Mesh in fact represent an innovation: functional fibres, natural colours, specific textures and a production without the use of water, which means no discharge into the environment. Plus, zero-waste manufacturing eliminates one step of converting fabric to final product. i-Mesh also offers extreme customization and promotes reuse before recycling.

Ultimately, the textile and clothing industry could be inspired by a product designed for architecture such as i-Mesh, while architecture in turn could be inspired by the clothing industry to find soft and comfortable solutions for domestic and outdoor environments. This interaction between different sectors demonstrates the importance of the transmission and evolution of ideas.

Pitti Uomo 2023 | I GO OUT section
Pitti Uomo 2023 | I GO OUT section

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