Habitare la Casa Comune | Essence of the “Hermitage of Silence"

Design © LAA Lorena Alessio Architetti

Photo © Roberto De Riccardis

For the evening dedicated to the “Habitare la Casa Comune” event on April 15, 2024, LAA-Lorena Alessio Architetti realized the essence of the Hermitage of Silence, to define an area of recollection within the Church of the Carmine in the Brera area of Milan.

Designed under the guidance of Don Claudio Berardi,this remarkable structure embodies the pure essence of the Hermitage of Silence,an experimental project aimed at delving into the profound meaning ofminimalist sacred spaces, embracing essential living solutions that reveal a captivatingblend of contemporary design and spiritual serenity.

The Hermitage of Silence is a sacred space suitablefor contemplation and meditation. Constructed entirely out of poplar plywood,the building represents LAA studio's second project involving prefabricateddrywall structures: the new interlocking drywall typology allows for thestructural use of plywood and is distinguished by the presence of visibleportals, with a load-bearing function.  

For the installation, i-Mesh produced nine panels inMorellet, one of the company's most representative patterns, tailored to fitthe dimensions of the structure to which they were attached. Measuring threeand a half meters in length by eighty centimeters in width, they give anelegant and majestic appearance to the structure, while also providing theinstallation with high permeability and a steady flow of air and natural lightto the environment, thanks also to the bidirectional tensioning of the fabric.

The brightness of the sacred space is further enrichedby the openings in the roof and walls, which give additional importance to thetexture, thus generating stunning light effects as the pattern filters thesun's rays.

i-Mesh Morellet F 100
Habitare la Casa Comune | Essence of the “Hermitage of Silence"
Habitare la Casa Comune | Essence of the “Hermitage of Silence"

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