Lake Garda Villa

Design © Studiodsgn Davide Montanaro

In the breathtaking context of Lake Garda stands an amazing Villa with a swimming pool. Davide Montanaro of Studiodsgn has created special panels for the external annexes where the furnishing accessories are stored during the winter season.

The perimeter wardrobes act as a bridge between nature and artifice.

The basalt finish of i-Mesh fits into the context, creating an elegant, high-performance and iridescent second skin of the building. The fabric changes its shade according to the different incidence of light, whether it is natural or artificial.

The installation system of the panels is flush with the wall, so as to create continuity with the wall.

The i-Mesh fabric, coupled with a second waterproof sheet, is tensioned by a mechanical frame.

The panel is not completely rigid, but resembles a painting canvas.

Pattern “Random” in Basalt
Lake Garda Villa
Lake Garda Villa

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